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Mad Libs

As a tutor myself, I am always looking for new activities and methods to help make my tutoring sessions fun yet effective. One fun activity that my student and I do occasionally is a Mad Lib. Mad Libs are stories with missing words, which your student chooses beforehand, and then when you read the story the student’s words help make a wacky, funny story to read.  Mad Libs are also a great way to review the different types of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) with your student.

When doing a Mad Lib, have your student pick from a story and then fill out the worksheet of the missing words together. Instead of having your student choose every word, it may be helpful if you as a tutor pick out half the words, so your student can learn some new vocabulary. In addition, as you fill out the missing words, it is a good time to go over any parts of speech that your student doesn’t fully understand. Once you have filled out the worksheet, you and your student are then ready to get a good laugh as you read the story filling in the blanks with the words you just wrote.

There are several books of Mad Libs available at the Project Read office or you may find many of them on the internet for free as well.

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