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Is your student a soccer fanatic?

Check out some of these high-interest, low-level resources to learn about the World Cup.

Spotlight On Soccer is a Time For Kids article on the World Cup.

Baboons a 2010 Soccer World Cup Problem is from Breaking News English – includes activities and word lists.

Here are quite a few online learning games connected to the [Read on...]

Concentrate on Contractions

Here’s a ready to use game to help students review or familiarize themselves with many common contractions. It’s played like the well-known game, “Concentration.” Before starting the game, you should review these together and make some example sentences. Give the students a chance to pronounce both forms.

Make a set of cards, cut them apart, and shuffle them. Lay out the [Read on...]

Laughing Matters: The Rabbit and the Butcher

This is a beginning/intermediate level activity in which your student recreates a joke step-by-step. Allot about 15-20 minutes for this activity.

Word List: butcher – greengrocer – lettuce – nail(s) – rabbit

A (1) goes into a (2)’s shop and asks, “Have you got any (3)?” The (4) says, “We don’t sell (5) here. You need the (6)’s across the road.” The [Read on...]

Word-Focused Activities

Reading is not the primary or best means of expanding vocabulary. Context clues are not the way to rapidly and efficiently learn large amounts of vocabulary. Use word-focused activities to provide multiple exposures to the same word within a short time, practice different components of word knowledge, and address word learnability. Knowing a word is never “all or nothing.” Knowing [Read on...]

11 Quick and Easy Reading Activities

Encourage purposeful reading:

Use margin symbols: start with an easy set (+-!) and add to it later-identify things students agree with, things they don’t understand, things that interest them, and things they want to remember (for starters).
Two versions of the same news story (different days or different sources), then compare and contrast.
Use universal charts (KWL, 5W’s, C/E, Pros/Cons, timeline) See http://teachers.teach-nology.com/web_tools/graphic_org/
Divide [Read on...]

6 Quick and Easy Reading Activities

Preparing for Reading :

Have students highlight only the first sentence of each paragraph-then answer the comprehension questions. Or give students only the first sentence of each paragraph!
Map the knowledge that students already have about the topic.
Look at the picture and make a summary, then read the text paragraph by paragraph and add details.
Getting the main ideas/structure:

Scramble the paragraphs-students put them [Read on...]

Tic Tac Toe

All you need for this activity is a chalkboard or whiteboard and a list of vocabulary words. Draw a nine-square grid on the board and write one word in each box. Designate yourself and your student as X and O. The goal is to come up with a grammatical sentence using the vocabulary. When you or the student use [Read on...]

Tutor Talk Ideas

Tutor Talk Ideas

The following is a list of ideas that came out of the Project Read Tutor Talk in April. For more ideas, please plan to attend the next Tutor Talk on June 18.

Play “I Spy” while reading billboards on the street–try to identify different letters and words.
Play BINGO or hangman with vocabulary words–this can be as basic or as [Read on...]

Will You Be My…?

Valentine’s Day is many different things to different people. What is it to your student? A reason to celebrate or renew a strong relationship? A trigger for feelings of loneliness or loss? A day to honor a Catholic saint? A commercial event created by a profiteering greeting card company? Or a complete unknown?

What about this Cupid fellow? Is it significant [Read on...]

While You Were Out

Here’s a great creative writing idea to use with your students:

While You Were Out

Taking phone messages is a significant home and job-related skill, and not an easy task. The message taker needs to listen attentively and record accurately the appropriate information. Notes, such as phone messages, require that the necessary information be conveyed with clarity. Practicing [Read on...]

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