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Information about the Affordable Care Act

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Important information about the Affordable Care Act


Are you confused about the new health care laws and how it will affect you? Find information about the act and resources on teaching it to others at our link below. Please share this information with others!

Information about the Affordable Care Act

Health Literacy Lesson Plans

We have found that many of our students have goals relating to increased health awareness. Because of this, in addition to providing free health literacy lessons in person we have developed mini health literacy lessons on a variety of topics. We have in our office two binders full of pre-made health literacy lesson plans on the following subjects: Health Professionals, Emergency [Read on...]

Health Literacy Class Schedule

What: Health Literacy Classes


Thursday, February 9, UVRMC* Classroom #5, Reading Labels and Measuring

Thursday, February 16, UVRMC* Classroom #5, Emergency Care and Health Insurance

Thursday, February 23, FCC** Conference Room, Prenatal & Maternal Health

Wednesday, February 29, 1 pm, FCC** Conference Room, Reading Labels & Measuring

Thursday, March 1, 5:30 pm, UVRMC* Classroom #5, Managing Chronic Disease

Wednesday, March 7, 4:30 pm, FCC** Conference Room, [Read on...]

More health literacy resources!

Florida Literacy developed health literacy materials for adult learners and they are available for free online. There is a student edition and teacher edition of the Staying Healthy text. There is also a women’s health and coping with stress supplement.


With intermediate- high intermediate students it takes about 15-20 hours to get through the basic text. With advanced students, the entire [Read on...]

Basic Health Literacy: Mini-Lessons

Health literacy is a very important skill in our day. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), many studies found a positive, significant relationship between literacy level and knowledge of health issues. In general, higher literacy rates go hand in hand with a more in-depth understanding of how to remain healthy and what to do in different [Read on...]

Environmental Health

Environmental Health Lesson Plan


Students will understand elements of environmental health, including: lead poisoning and
prevention, natural cleaning remedies, chemical hazards, etc.


Environmental Health pdf
Alternative Household Solutions
Lead Fact Sheet

Activity (for M-level)

Start by reviewing the Environmental Health pdf with your student. Help them read through the various slides and stop to review or emphasize any topic that your student has questions about.
Conclude by having [Read on...]

Male Reproductive System

Male Reproductive System Lesson Plan


Familiarize students with the function and capacity of the male reproductive system, with an
emphasis on development during puberty and male body functions.


Male Reproductive System
Body Basics Diagram: (http://kidshealth.org/misc/movie/bodybasics/male_repro.html)

In Preparation for this Lesson:

Review the Body Basics Diagram and be prepared to answer questions and discuss it with
your student.
Print off a copy of the Male Reproductive System to review [Read on...]

Minority Women’s Health

Minority Women’s Health Lesson Plan


Address various health issues for different groups of minority women.


Latina Women Information
Asian Women Information
African American Women Information
Women’s Health Vocab Sheet

In Preparation for this Lesson:

Print off the worksheets that are appropriate for your student. For example if she is a latina
student, print of the Latina Women Information sheet for her. Ask your student to come prepared
with questions [Read on...]

Health Professionals

Health Professionals Lesson Plan

Objectives- Students will be able to:

Identify and appropriately use the different names of various health professionals.
Know the functions of different health professionals.


Health Professionals Vocabulary
Phonemic Awareness Activities (to aid with pronunciation of the Vocabulary List)
Surgery/Specialist Picture Sheet
Reading Passage- Section 1
Cloze Activity (for D-Level, or if you have extra time)

In Preparation for this Lesson:

Print copies of vocabulary and [Read on...]

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