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Information about the Affordable Care Act

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Goal Action Plan Template

Project Read has developed a new Goal Action Plan Template to help students learn about goal setting and achieve results. This Goal Action Plan will take students’ “destinations” and break them down into manageable, actionable goals. Use this plan on a weekly basis to follow-up on the momentum and trajectory of your students’ progress. Consider what fun incentives you might [Read on...]

Health Literacy Lesson Plans

We have found that many of our students have goals relating to increased health awareness. Because of this, in addition to providing free health literacy lessons in person we have developed mini health literacy lessons on a variety of topics. We have in our office two binders full of pre-made health literacy lesson plans on the following subjects: Health Professionals, Emergency [Read on...]

Lesson Plan Evaluation Study

Meredith Gravett, a student at Brigham Young University working on her Master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), needs your help! She would like at least seven tutors to participate. If you are interested, please contact Project Read.


Meredith describes this research process as follows:

For my project I am writing seven lesson plans for Project Read tutors [Read on...]

Tutor Tip: Helping Your Student with Sight Words

Sight Words are common or frequent words that we recognize instantly or “by sight.” Two common sight word lists are the Dolch Word List or Fry words. The 600 word list compiled by Edward Fry contains the most used words in reading and writing. The words on this list make up almost half of the words met in any reading [Read on...]

The Change Agent

issue 33 This issue of The Change Agent, breaks new ground. Done in collaboration with September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, it teaches the history of 9/11, wrestles with important legal and moreal questions related to security and liberty, examines the “rule of law” in the context of terrorism, [Read on...]

Monthly Teacher Guide

I just came across this great newsletter called Monthly Teacher: The Monthly Guide for Teachers. It has some great resources such as lesson plans, worksheets, printables, and more. Check it out online at http://www.monthlyteacher.com/newsletters/sept2011.html or see a sample of what’s included below:

** September Teacher Resources **

September is the month where teachers all around the world are on the hunt for [Read on...]

TALL-Handbook for ESL

Project Read now has a brand new copy of the latest TALL Handbook. The TALL Handbook has helped thousands of individuals learn how to read and write in English. The handbook is produced right here in Provo, at the Missionary Training Center.

Students will find hundreds of pages full of grammar and vocabulary within this book. It has proved itself [Read on...]

Language Experience Approach

What do you do when your student doesn’t want to read the books you have available? One way to get your student eager to read and write is to use the Language Experience Approach.

The Language Experience Approach is a proven technique that will help your reluctant student get excited to read and write by helping them bring their interests into [Read on...]

More health literacy resources!

Florida Literacy developed health literacy materials for adult learners and they are available for free online. There is a student edition and teacher edition of the Staying Healthy text. There is also a women’s health and coping with stress supplement.


With intermediate- high intermediate students it takes about 15-20 hours to get through the basic text. With advanced students, the entire [Read on...]

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