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Bunnary Ang Writing Sample February 2013

My Feelings about Little Princess

I like the Little Princess story. It’s both a happy and sad story.

It was sad when Sara’s dad died and she became poor. Mis Minchine didn’t allow Sara to study any more. So she became a servant. She worked hard all day and all night. [Read on...]

The Oxford Bookworms Library

One challenge that many Project Read tutors face is providing adult students with reading material that is not only on their reading level, but also interesting to them.  The majority of materials developed to help students learn to read focuses on the interests of a child.  Children’s [Read on...]

Teaching Grammar In Context

Grammar is central to the teaching and learning of literacy skills. It is also one of the more difficult aspects of language to teach well. Many language teachers focus on grammar as a set of forms and rules. They teach grammar by explaining the forms and rules and then drilling students on them. This results in bored, disaffected students who [Read on...]

The Complete Phonic Handbook

“Phonetics” refers to speech sounds or how combinations of letters indicate pronunciation, and it has recently been regarded by many experts as a good way to teach literacy skills. The Complete Phonic Handbook by Diana Hope is in the Project Read office. It’s an excellent resource for teaching phonics skills as [Read on...]

The Change Agent

issue 33 This issue of The Change Agent, breaks new ground. Done in collaboration with September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, it teaches the history of 9/11, wrestles with important legal and moreal questions related to security and liberty, examines the “rule of law” in the context of terrorism, [Read on...]

Monthly Teacher Guide

I just came across this great newsletter called Monthly Teacher: The Monthly Guide for Teachers. It has some great resources such as lesson plans, worksheets, printables, and more. Check it out online at http://www.monthlyteacher.com/newsletters/sept2011.html or see a sample of what’s included below:

** September Teacher Resources **

September is the month where teachers all around the world are on the hunt for [Read on...]

Newspaper e-Editions available for Adult Education

e-Editions of The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News are now available for you and your students through the updated Newspapers In Education website, www.nieutah.com. I would like to personally invite you to check out the site.

Accurate translations of 11 languages
Searchable archives
Print and sent articles
Access to Parade Classroom

Once you’ve set up your account, your students can login at www.nieutah.com/student where [Read on...]

TALL-Handbook for ESL

Project Read now has a brand new copy of the latest TALL Handbook. The TALL Handbook has helped thousands of individuals learn how to read and write in English. The handbook is produced right here in Provo, at the Missionary Training Center.

Students will find hundreds of pages full of grammar and vocabulary within this book. It has proved itself [Read on...]

Student Resource Inventory


In today’s world, technology is advancing the way people learn. In the past, reading materials were limited to books and few other sources. Now, we have a seemingly unlimited amount of materials to choose from. This tutor tip will focus on the necessary materials that every student should include as guides to their learning process, as well as tips to [Read on...]

Real-Life English: A Competency-Based ESL Program for Adults

What is one of the main purposes of being able to read? To be able to communicate more effectively.
The ability to read is most valuable when it has real-life application. Real-Life English is a series designed to help students use their skills in everyday life. The Project Read office has five levels of the student handbook and an additional three [Read on...]

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