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Online Game Teaching Financial Responsibility

The National Center for Family Literacy  has released a new online tool to recreate the experience of shopping in a real store and encourage children to learn while shopping. Created in partnership with the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, “A Day at Dollar General: Learn While Shopping” makes learning financial responsibility and budgeting fun and engaging.

By expanding the definition of literacy [Read on...]

U.S.A. Learns

http://www.usalearns.org/ is a free web site for immigrants and other adults wanting to improve their English skills.

The Online English Portal, known as USALearns, is an easily accessible Internet learning tool that contains instructional materials, developed primarily with public funds, to teach basic English skills and help adults improve their English proficiency. The Web site is designed to allow learners [Read on...]

Is your student a soccer fanatic?

Check out some of these high-interest, low-level resources to learn about the World Cup.

Spotlight On Soccer is a Time For Kids article on the World Cup.

Baboons a 2010 Soccer World Cup Problem is from Breaking News English – includes activities and word lists.

Here are quite a few online learning games connected to the [Read on...]

Search the Web, Help the Cause!

We have something new and exciting we’d like to share with you! It’s the new Project Read toolbar – once added to IE or Firefox, each time you shop at more than 1,300 stores (from Amazon to Zazzle!) a percentage of your purchase will [Read on...]

How Stuff Works

Today I want to introduce you to a fantastic Web site I recently discovered: HowStuffWorks. HowStuffWorks is a media company that is internationally recognized as the leading provider of information on how things work. Founded by Marshall Brain, HowStuffWorks offers in-depth articles that explain the world from the inside out. You can find information on just about any topic, from how [Read on...]

Teaching Sight Words

“The [individual] who can recognize on sight 8 of the 10 words in the sentence before him can read that sentence and, generally, decode the remaining words by means of context, phonics, or illustrations. Most importantly, he can understand its meaning!” says the website http://picturemereading.com.

Most of us realize the importance of knowing sight words. Instant sight word recognition helps students [Read on...]

The GED Connection

The GED Connection is a free self-help online program provided by PBS Literacy Link. To access the program, go to http://litlink.ket.org . You will need to register as a new user, but it is free. This is a wonderful tool that can help your student if s/he is studying to obtain his or her GED. As a tutor, this can [Read on...]

Resources Available

I had a question in Tutor Training about the resources available in the Project Read Office. The commnent was made that most tutors do not have time to come in and spend a lot of time sifting through the (literally) thosands of materials available to tutors. Don’t worry! We understand, and we have tried to do a lot of the [Read on...]

Free Online English Classes

Office of Vocational and Adult Education Launches Online English Portal

Starting today, immigrants and other adults who want to learn or improve their English skills can log on to a new free Online English Portal called USALearns. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Vocational and Adult Education, through its Division of Adult Education and Literacy, oversaw the design of USALearns.org.

Launch [Read on...]

Welcome to the Project Read Blog!

Well, we’ve done it; we’ve joined the “technology age” and started a Project Read blog–we’re glad you’re here to check it out. For now, we just have one blog; but ideally, I would like to have a blog for tutors, another for students, and a third for Project Read supporters. The thing I love about blogs is the living, breathing [Read on...]

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